Queen Helen Walker

1933's Queen of the May, Helen Walker was crowned by her consort, Glenn Hiibner.

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Mendon May Day— 1933Mendon May Queen Helen Walker and Her Court.

Mendon— The Sunday school superintendency, Edgar S. Hancock, Claud A. Sorensen and Alonzo K. Wood, with the other officers and teachers are planning a big May Day celebration on the 20th if the weather permits. The maypole dance will be given at 9:30 a.m., the crowning of the Queen, Miss Helen Walker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vance D. Walker. A program at 10:00 a.m., ball games, races and other sports in the afternoon and a big dance at night. Out of town visitors will be welcome. The band under the direction of Ervin Bird will be in attendance.

Mendon— A beautiful sunny day greeted the May Day festival here Saturday. The grass looked greener, the birds sang sweeter, because of such a lovely day after so much rain. The band in their new white suits, the little girls in their paper dresses of blue and pink, the Queen, Miss Helen Walker and her attendants, the two little flower girls, Margaret Rae Sorensen and Dorothy Hiibner, dressed in pink, made a pretty picture as they marched to the square where the following out-of-door program was given: The band under the direction of Ervin Bird played several selections; the choir sang, “Straying and Maying;” crowning of the Queen by Glenn Hiibner; twenty-six little girls danced the maypole dance, under the direction of Gayle Kidman, Mozelle Barrett, Verna Hancock and Edna Muir; Superintendent Edgar S. Hancock was in charge of the following program, given in the ward chapel: The band played several selections; prayers by chaplain John Welch; the choir sang, “Come to the Woodland;” May Day poem, Virginia Wood; Vocal solo, T. Kay Sorensen, accompanied by Miss Mozelle Barrett; comic dialogue, Mervyn Willie and Grant Kidman; instrumental duet, Merlin Copen and Lee Copen; comic reading, Miss Fern Buist; May Day song by four little girls, Bessie May Muir, Ladene Bird, Beverly and Donnie Hardman; “Foolish Question” by Stuart Hardman; double mixed quartet by Cyril Nelson and company, accompanied by Mrs. Marvel Bartlett; short talk, Bishop Henry C. Sorensen; harmonic music, Mrs. Ellen Ladle and Mrs. Eva Smith, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Annie Hughes. There was a children’s dance in the afternoon, a band concert, races, baseball game, between Owl Billiards and Mendon, horse races and other contests. A picture show and big dance ended the day’s festivities. The amusement hall was beautifully decorated in the May Day colors, pink and blue. Many out of town visitors were in attendance. Mrs. Vance D. Walker entertained at an attractive luncheon on May Day, in honor of her daughter, Helen, who was Queen of May and attendants. Vari-colored tulips formed a pretty centerpiece.