Queen Lois Hardman

1934's Queen of the May, Lois Hardman was crowned by her consort, John Sorensen.

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Mendon May Day— 1934Mendon May Queen, Lois Hardman and her Court.

Mendon News— Our annual May Day celebration Saturday was very successful. Friends and relatives from other towns were in attendance. The Queen, Miss Lois Hardman and her maids and the little flower girls, Marie Walker and Renee Bird with the twenty-four girls in blue and yellow paper dresses made a pretty picture. The choir sang, “Lois is Queen of May.” Crowning of the Queen by consort, John Sorensen. The maypole dance was very well danced by the twenty-four little girls under direction of Mozelle Barrett, Grace Ladle, Maxine Stauffer and Olive Baker. The following program was given in the ward chapel with superintendent Claud A. Sorensen in charge. Band selection by the South Cache High School Band under direction of William H. Terry. Prayers were by chaplain Vance D. Walker. Trio Cyril Nelson, Andrew Lamont and Mrs. Gwen Hardman with Mrs. Harry Bartlett accompanist. Flute solo, Owen Hammond, accompanied on the piano by Leroy Darley, members of the band. Recitation, Mervyn Willie. Girls chorus under direction of Mrs. S. C. Anderson sang, “Forget Me Not.” “Queen Of May” was recited by Clara Larsen. Instrumental solo by Lyle Larsen of the high school band. Song, Ernest Baker, accompanied by Mrs. Ellen Ladle. Trombone solo, Gene Neilson, accompanied by the band. Little girls chorus directed by Mrs. Theo Whitney. Selection by the band. The afternoon sports consisted of a children’s dance, races, rodeo and a baseball game between Petersboro and Mendon. The day’s festivities ended in a big dance at night and a picture show before the dance. The dance hall was attractively decorated in blue and yellow, the May Day colors, under supervision of second assistant superintendent Lynn Longstroth. The Mendon Orchestra furnished the music for the dance.Mendon May Day Dancers for 1934.