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The setting of the Mendon, Utah cemetery is one of the most beautiful in all the county. With the lovely Mendon Mountains as a backdrop and a view of the Cache Valley to the east, it sits high in the midst of rich farmland with a small stream flowing along the north side.

I feel no other cemetery can compare to the beauty or for such a peaceful setting. In the early spring with the trees in bloom and the grass so green, the snow capped mountains set the view apart from in a way that only the Mendon Cemetery can.

At one time I served as the Mendon City Sexton for several years. Eric Bowen fills this role for the city today. He can be reached at 435-752-9005 or his email account at,

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Mendon, Utah Cemetery —Mendon, Utah Cemetery

The Mendon, Utah Cemetery Index is composed of partial data sets from my personal cemetery database records. I created the bulk of the information here, during my lot-by-lot, plat-by-plat physical survey and inventory of the Mendon City Cemetery. This project took me some four years to complete, beginning in early 1993 and finishing up in late 1997. In order to make sense of this whole information overload, I had to create a map and companion Mendon Cemetery PAF file, which grew to over twelve thousand, individual record names. I have used this PAF file to supplement the data of the 1081 individual records, in the Mendon Cemetery Index. I share with you here then a blend of the fruits of my labor, in this Mendon Cemetery Index.

Mendon Cemetery Index

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The following data fields are used in the Mendon Cemetery Index: First Name; Last Name; Gender; Birth Date; Death Date; Burial Date; Birth Place; Death Place; Father; Mother; Other Relationship and Lot Number.

If you can add information, insight or correct my data, please contact me.

How to Find the Mendon Cemetery

The entrance to the Mendon, Utah Cemetery begins at approximately 25 North 200 West, and is marked with a small city sign. Coming into Mendon on State Highway 23, from either the north or south, there are nice big brown State Highway information signs directing you to the cemetery. From Hwy 23 (the same as 100 West) travel one block west on Center Street, and turn right. Just ahead is a small sign on your left, directing you up the hill on the paved road. Mendon's Pioneer Park sits just below the cemetery and has a wonderful three person bronze sculpture as a center piece. William (Bill) Hill of our fair city created this amazing piece of art, depicting the pioneers first arriving in Mendon during the early spring of 1859. This is a wonderfully quite place to eat a picnic lunch and or to view those most beautiful Mendon Mountains. If you liked Bill's work in Pioneer Park, there is a five person bronze sclupture on the Tabernacle grounds, in Logan, Utah you might enjoy as well.

Mendon Cemetery Conventions

So, please enjoy your time with the information shared here, I wish you the best of luck with your family history or genealogy project. I hope that this Mendon Cemetery Index can be of help to you and your family in someway…

Rodney J. Sorensen