My personal thanks…

I want to thank those users who have been with me for these past 13 years. Thank you for the support and the encouragement you have given me. Thanks for the timely suggestions and tidbits of information, guidance or direction when I needed it.

My vision of the site has always been clear, but how to get there among all the clutter of all this computer stuff at times is… well when I close my eyes, I see the checkered screen of a transparent .png file in Photoshop— 'neuf said.

But… then you find photographs of L. K. Wood driving past the old yellow brick church and one of him in front of the old red brick school. How much fun can that be?

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Suggestions, questions, bug reports, bad links or the e-mail I love to receive the most, new information about Mendon, Utah, can all be sent to me at and please be sure to put Mendon, Utah in your subject line if you wish a reply. Otherwise my spam filter will send your query into digital limbo where it will be forced to push a heavy ball up a very steep hill, day after day, day after day, etc., et al.

If you find an error in spelling or any such item in my pages, please let me know, that I might take a moment and correct same. As a staff of just one (1) I just miss some things, while looking for others.

About MendonUtah.NetL. K. Wood and one of his half-scale threshing outfits.

December of this year (2007) will mark the end of our first decade on the web. At first we were known as the Greater Mendon Area Community Newsletter. Now with some help and guidance from PCU.NET we have our own domain name, MendonUtah.Net for the past several years and hundreds of pages of material in several categories, but all regarding Mendon, Utah in one way or another. It has been great… and not so great, as are most things in life.

At present I am reworking the entire site into XHTML 1.0 Strict and using CSS 2.1 for all presentation. On the good side, some of my pages are over 50% smaller by digital weight, so I can now post more pages and you can get to them faster, and that is good, but this rebuild is just a ton of work. I want to make NEW things, not rework old ones, but as such, here I am. What brought this all about was my HTML editor was not going to be upgraded nor supported past 2008. That, and a little server side glitch that took down most of my posted site… well to make lemonade out of lemons it looked like the perfect time to switch editors and become standards compliant at the same time.Old Betsy in front of the old Red Brick Mendon School.

So the pages that are up are up, and the rest are waiting for their turn on the editing table. I am sending the pages through the W3C markup validation service to ensure the XHTML I am using will pass muster. At times I could just pull my hair out… Most pages will validate, both for markup and CSS, but I use a few use Spry technologies that gives the W3C validation service fits, me too.

I am also doing my best to comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) not because I have to, or even need to, but because it is just the right thing to do. That and now is as good a time as any to comply, think lemonade here. Perhaps, just perhaps, after ten years of doing this, "I will be able to snatched the pebble from the hand… grasshopper." Perhaps not.

Well, one can only hope that this will all work out and be bigger and better than ever. Here's to a second decade of MendonUtah.Net and happy surfing everyone…

Rodney J. Sorensen