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Mendon City —Mendon Station

The City of Mendon is currently housed in the Mendon Station at the present time. This nice newly remolded structure and one time Utah Idaho Central train depot, is located at 95 North Main, Mendon, Utah. Mendon City has a phone now, 435-752-2439, which will ring at Daphne’s home. Or you may contact the mayor, Michael Morgan at (435) 755-025. Contact the city council members from the Elected Officials tab (above), as your needs require. The City of Mendon has an e-mail address at, which is connected to the city computer at Paul Cressall’s home. Paul is still the current city recorder and you may reach him by phone at 435-752-2439 with your city business. Please contact Daphne Carlson our assistant city recorder and treasurer at (435) 753-3449 for your city council agenda items. She also has the park and building rental listings, and etc. You may also reach the City at the following regular mail address:

Mendon City
P.O. Box 70
Mendon, Utah 84325-0070

Mendon City Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, at the Mendon Station, located at 95 North Main, they generally start at 7:00 p.m. The Mendon City Planning and Zoning Commission meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Mendon Station as well. Planning and Zoning meetings begin at 7:00 but do not open until 7:30 p.m. The Mendon City Board of Adjustments meets quarterly and or as needed and posts their meeting time(s) and place notices at the post office, it is thought, or hoped.

Tree City USAThe City of Mendon has been very active in the support of many “Quality of Life” programs for the benefit of our city residents. Mendon is supporting a new public venture, the Mendon Cottage Library. Adding another library to the list of public resources in the county. The city is proud to be a “Tree City USA” member, supports a local “Neighborhood Crime Watch,” program, provides an area for sorted recycling (just east of the firehouse) and Christmas tree recycling area. Mendon supports an effort to join with the state of Utah and the governor in the conversation of water, both for drinking and irrigation. Animal control and mosquito abatement in an attempt to prevent "West Nile" are provided as well. The city sponsors several celebrations each year. The annual Easter egg hunt on the Saturday morning prior to Easter, Mendon's May Day, on the first Saturday in May and the Twenty-Fourth of July celebration on the Saturday nearest to July, 24th, and at times a Trunk or Treat program for Halloween, these are the main city sponsored events. Concert in the Park events are sponsored some years at Pioneer Park, located at 75 North First West, times and day differ from year to year. Check your local city news flyer for current years information.Watkins Family perform during a Concert in the Park

The City also sponsors and supports several groups, The Mendon City Arts Council, Mendon City Historical Society and Mendon City Youth Council, which in turn sponsor Halloween, City Christmas tree lighting, winter carnivals and other such seasonal activities as outlined or promoted by these groups. All in all, it is a nice place to live.

Rodney J. Sorensen


Mendon City Elected OfficialsMendon City Seal

The officials listed here are elected by the community and their terms expire as noted below. These six individuals are the only elected city officials in our community. Paul Cressall (435- 752-2439) serves as the Mendon City Recorder. Please feel free to contact any of the members of the city council or mayor with your questions regarding their various departments and duties.

The Mendon City Council normally meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are now being held at the Mendon Station, located at 95 North, Main Street.

Mendon City Elected Officals
Name Responsibilities e-mail Phone Term Expires
Ed Buist, Mayor Administration, July 24th Celebration, School Information, Emergency Preparedness 435-755-0251 2010
Mike Carlson, City Council Fire Department, Buildings, Mosquito Abatement, Easter Egg Hunt   435-752-2449 2012
Jon Hardman, City Council Culinary Water, Mendon Secondary Water System Liaison, Canal Company Liaison   435-755-6648 2010
Jason Wooden, City Council Planning & Zoning, Law Enforcement, Cemetery   435-752-8225 2012
George DeWeese Streets, Storm Water, Library Liaison, Grant Writing Committee, Youth Council Liaison   435 753-1010 2012
Phil Coulterr, City Council Parks and Recreation, May Day, Mendon Arts Council Liaison, Mendon Historical Society Liaison, Animal Control   435-753-2305 2010

Mendon City Planning and ZoningMendon City Seal

Jason Wooden, (435-752-8225) is the Mendon City Council representative for this body. This commission is not elected, all members are appointed, approved and seated by the Mendon City Council. Terms are for approximately 3 years, and are reflected as such in the following table. As of the March, 1998 meeting, these minutes are also being audio taped. Please contact the commission secretary to schedule your agenda item(s). Contact at:

The Mendon, Utah City Planning and Zoning Commission, will normally meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Meetings are held at the Mendon Station, located at 95 North, Main Street. The public has been made welcome to all of the meetings (both 7:00, or earlier if needed and 7:30 p.m.) and an agenda is usually posted in the post office, the weekend before the meetings.

Mendon City Planning & Zoning Members
Name Position Phone e-mail Term Ends
Nick Kichols Chairman 435-752-7681 2009
Pam Coleman Secretary 435-787-1379 ?
Dale Leishman Member 435 752-3338   ?
Kirk Obray Member (435 752-6710 ?
Ruth Cartee Member 435-787-8792 2009
Justin Anderson Member 435 752-8410 ?
Michael Cox Member 435 792-3053 ?
Burnis Skinner Member 435 792-3472 ?

Mendon City Board of Adjustments

The present members of the Mendon, Utah Board of Adjustments, as appointed and approved by the Mendon City Council. They meet quarterly or more often as needed. These are unpaid positions and all volunteer their time and efforts.

Mendon City Board of Adjustments Members
Name Position Phone Term Ends
Steve Baker Chairman 435 755-9575 2010
Darnee Nieman Secretary 735-713-4281 2009
Wendy Osborne Member 435-753-5610 2011
Charles Bowen Member 435 753-4799 2012
Todd Gordon Member 435 787-0694 2013

Mendon City Appointed OfficialsMendon City Seal

A listing of the Mendon City appointed officials, service providers and known employees. Call the city assistaant recorder to get on the agenda for city council meetings and for water billing, businesses licensees, meeting minutes for the city council and other such needs.

These Mendon City officials are appointed by the mayor and approved by the Mendon Council, in office at the time. The Recorder, Assistant Recorder and Treasurer are all paid employees.

Mendon City Appointed Officals
Name Position e-mail Phone
Paul Cressall Recorder 435-752-2439
Daphne Carlson Treasurer & Assistant Recorder 435-753-3449
Haunani Thunell Clerk 435 753-3449
Ray Olsen Fire Chief 435-752-9195
Eric Bowen Sexton 435-752-9005

This is the extent of our city employee(s), and they are part-time only at this time. Extra labor required in the summer months is provided by our local area youth. Mendon City no longer provides any back hoe service to its citizens. There are several private back hoes's that perform this service in Mendon.

Mendon City Employee(s)
Name Position e-mail Phone
Kirk Taylor City Employee 435-787-1968
(Local Youth) Summer Help N/A N/A

Both law enforcement and animal control are presently contracted and handled by persons outside of our community at this time. These employees are paid from the budgets of the departments they report to. The building inspector takes a flat percentage of the building permit(s).

Mendon City, Outside Contract Officials
Name Position Phone
Cache County Sheriff City Police Action(s) For Emergency— 911
Cache County Sheriff Traffic and or Other 435-755-4110
John Hester Animal Control Officer 435- 755-5384
Paul Taylor Building Inspector & Permits 435-752-5747

Please join me in offering these men and women a hand of thanks for their public service.

Rodney J. Sorensen


Mendon Volunteer Fire Department & EMT'sMendon Fire Truck

Need a burn permit, safety inspection or other such item? Then you need to contact the Mendon Fire Chief. The following e-mail link can help you in your quest— Please join me in giving a Big Thank You to all of our EMT and Mendon, Utah Volunteer Fire Department Members!

The Mendon, Utah area Volunteer Fire Department, has scheduled drills that are usually held on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. The fire station is located at 50 East 100 North. All of the department staff and crew are true volunteers and deserve all the thanks and support the greater Mendon community can give them. They are always looking for new members, both for the EMT’s and firemen and or firewomen as the case may be. If you have experiance or would like to gain some, get with the fire chief, Ray Olsen and sign up to help one or the other, or perhaps both!

The Mendon City Emergency Medical Technicians, part of the Cache County EMS group, usually meets at the fire station, on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. This is also an all volunteer group as well that deserves our many heartfelt thanks and support. They have a new to us ambulance to aid in supporting our local Mendon emergencys.

Information on the local Cache County Fire District may be found here. Mendon is station 110 in the Cache County fire system.