Mendon Bishop Listing

All of the bishops lived in Mendon and or Petersboro except John H. Anderson, who resided in Logan and came to the Mendon ward on Sundays. Later he opened a store here in Mendon and his wife and children worked in it.

It is somewhat unusual for a bishop to be called to serve in a town or area in which he does not reside. I have heard it told that there were so many men, who were ready and willing to serve as the eclasitical leader of the ward, that a man from out of town was the only reasonable choice at the matter, at the time.

I am sure this offering of humble pie had the desired effect on the male members of the ward. It seems that this was a point well taken by the leading men of Mendon and only happened this once, however this is something that perhaps one time is more than enough, there is a little sting in it still.

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Bishops of the Mendon and Petersboro WardsCharles Shumway

The following tables are my personal listings of the bishops of the Mendon Ward(s) and Petersboro, Utah. They are not the same as many of the lists you might have seen. This listing takes the “Who is in charge of religious affairs” point of view, who had and controled the power of presiding elder or bishop. In function during the early times of Mendon, both positions were much the same. Charles Shumway came to Mendon as the Presiding Elder early in the spring of 1859. The Indian problems and the subsequent move to “Maughans Fort” (Wellsville) during the summer and fall of 1859 by many, resulted in the appointment of his son, Andrew P. Shumway as the second Bishop on this list in December of 1859. Also Ralph Forster served as acting bishop for a time as did Henry G. Hughes prior to his being appointed bishop outright in1872.

Presiding Elders* and Bishops of the Mendon, Utah Ward

From Name Until
03/00/1859 Charles Shumway* 12/19/1859
12/19/1859 Andrew P. Shumway 00/00/1869
00/00/1869 Henry G. Hughes* 00/00/1871
00/00/1871 Andrew P. Shumway 10/07/1872
10/07/1872 Henry G. Hughes 00/00/1873
00/00/1873 Ralph Forster* 00/00/1875
00/00/1875 Henry G. Hughes 04/26/1900
04/26/1900 John H. Anderson 04/29/1903
04/29/1903 Mormon D. Bird 04/18/1920
04/18/1920 Allen L. Willie 04/24/1921
04/24/1921 John A. Gardner 03/28/1925
03/28/1925 Henry C. Sorensen 00/00/1941
00/00/1941 Edgar S. Hancock 00/00/1946
00/00/1946 Reeves P. Bird 00/00/1952
00/00/1952 John O. Hughes 00/00/1956
00/00/1956 Rulon C. Ladle 10/02/1962
10/02/1962 Fred W. Sorensen 00/00/1967
00/00/1967 Zeno H. Andersen 00/00/1973
00/00/1973 Stanton S. Barrett 11/19/1978

Bishops of the Mendon, Utah First Ward

From Name Until
11/19/1978 Paul R. Willie 00/00/1983
00/00/1983 Richard Cheney 04/16/1986
04/16/1986 Larry J. Olsen 10/23/1994
10/23/1994 Don Wilcox 09/12/1999
09/12/1999 John F. Fryer 09/09/2001
09/09/2001 Hal Mills 12/03/2006
12/03/2006 Christopher Tolman 10/18/2009
10/18/2009 Rick Shelton Present

Bishops of the Mendon, Utah Second Ward

From Name Until
11/19/1978 Stanton S. Barrett 00/00/1981
00/00/1981 Stanley T. Buxton 00/00/1986
00/00/1986 Richard B. Watkins 02/24/1991
02/24/1991 Jan Lindbloom 02/04/1996
02/04/1996 Gaylen N. Chandler 01/07/2001
01/07/2001 Paul D. Longhurst 00/00/2005
00/00/2005 Neal K. Jackson Present

Bishops of the Mendon, Utah Third Ward

From Name Until
10/23/1994 Richard Gordon 09/12/1999
09/12/1999 Wayne R. Andersen 06/26/2005
06/26/2005 John E. Davidson 08/01/2010
08/01/2010 Doug Coggins Present

Bishops of the Mendon, Utah Fourth Ward

From Name Until
10/18/2009 Christopher Tolman Present

Bishops of the Petersboro, Utah Ward

From Name Until
07/17/1887 Willard D. Cranny 00/00/1896
09/09/2001 John F. Fryer 00/00/2005
00/00/2005 Bob Jepsen 10/18/2009
10/18/2009 GaryLeon Durfey Present

Rodney J. Sorensen