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The preface of Volume IV (at right) provides a nice explanation and introduction of how, why and where this L. D. S. Biographical Encyclopedia Index came from.

I have used these 4 volumes for many years, and found it to be an avantage in my personal research, to type them up into a database, that I might search it with my queries. I did a quick check on the web and did not see that this was up… so I thought I would take a few days to perpare & post this for, "Students of Church History and Genealogy."

I am sure Andrew Jenson would be pleased to find us still using his self noted labor of love… some 75 to 100 years on. My labor of love, is to provide you the Index to the four volumes L. D. S. Biographical Encylopedia, for your personal, private use.

I see that you can buy copies on CD of this 4 volume work and it may be found in the many libraries and genealogy centers of the intermountain west.

Please… no commercial use of this elecronic index.


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Keys To The L.D.S. Biographical Encyclopedia Index

First Name, Last Name, Volume 1, 2, 3, or 4, Page Number(s) for that volume(s), and * if a photograph is included in the volume(s). Thus the first enty listing gives us Andrew James Aagaard, who can be found in Volume 2, on page 584 and * notes that there is a photograph for him. As a purveyor of databases, I know the names in these listings are backwards… but I have found that people find other people, by the use of full names, and they for the most part, start with the first given names. So… as this listing is here to share information locations, I have taken my database apart to build the index tables you find here. Those of you familiar with Andrew Jenson's work will no doubt recognize the format structure of tables. I have tried to stay as close to the original as I could. Of note, I have expanded the contracted name(s). Wm.= William and etc. as I think this aids in joining users to this source material index. Most users will not notice my changes, those of you who do, please forgive me… One last thing, if you find a typo or other error, please forward these to me so as to make this index listing as useful as possible, for as many folks as possible… Please Enjoy!

Rodney J. Sorensen


L. D. S. Biographical Encyclopedia PrefaceL. D. S. Biographical Encyclopedia

When The publication of the Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia was commenced in 1901, it was the intention to confine the scope of its contents to the Nineteenth Century, but, as the Church grew and its organizations and members multiplied, it was concluded to cover the first hundred years of the existence of the Church, beginning with 1830 and ending with 1930. With this object in view, two other volumes of the Encyclopedia were published, Volume II in 1914 and Volume III in 1920.

In the mean time the collection of life stories of leading men and women in the Church had been continued until there were upwards of 15,000 of these sketches on hand. This included at least one-half of the Bishops and other presiding officers who had figured prominetly in the affairs of the Church both in the organized Stakes of Zion and in the missionary fields. Hence, with the approval of the First Presidency of the Church, it was decided to publish one more volume, in order to make the circle of information more nearly complete, and with this aim in mind the present book, Vloume IV of the L. D. S. Biographical Encyclopedia is now being issued.

Many of the brief outlines contained in Volume IV are based on more detailed manuscript biographies which , if published in full, would at least fill a dozen books. As it is, the four volumes now published might consistently be named a "Who's Who" in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thus paraphrasing the "Who's Who in America" in a general way.

When a copy of Volume IV shall have been placed in every stake, ward, mission and district throught the Church, considering the fact that only 2,000 copies are printed, there will only be books enough left to accommodate thowe who possess Volumes I, II, and III. A carefully prepared index, attached to Volume IV, will enable the student to find anything contained in all the four books of the Encyclopedia.

To all who have given us encouragement, or rendered assistance in our onerous labors of love, covering nearly a lifetime, we render sincere thanks, and it is now our pleasure to dedicate the Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia in its entirety to all students of Chruch History and Genealogy.1

Andrew Jenson


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1. Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia, Volume IV, Andrew Jenson - Assistant Church Historian, compiler. Published by the Andrew Jenson Memorial Association, and printed by the Deseret News Press, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1936.