Jacob Sorensen Family

Jacob Sorensen’s family, picture is noted to have been taken in about 1902. The Sorensen brothers and families each tried to take up a homestead section out west, towards Snowville, Utah in what they referred to as, “going out to Bannack,” Malad City in Idaho is perhaps the closest city of any size.

They proved them up for many years but Jacob and his family were the only ones to stay, the other brothers selling out to him over time. The large farm over there with connections back to Mendon, Utah is a direct result of this family action.

I suppose Jacob and his family thought and saw bigger, they were able to have the vision that larger farms take. My father, Eldon J. Sorensen and his brother Owen J. Sorensen went out “to the farm”toward the end of their lives and were amazed even still at what they had out there. Many from Mendon, Utah went out into the areas that were open to homesteading and tried their hand at proving up a section or part there of.

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Jacob Sorensen FamilyJacob Sorensen Family



All rows are left to right —

Back row: Ethel Maud Sorensen, Ammon Ambrose Sorensen, Minnie Susan Sorensen, James Parley Sorensen and Clara May Sorensen.

Front row: Frederick Jacob Sorensen, Chauncy Leon Sorensen, Mother Susan Hancock Sorensen, Claud Afton Sorensen, Father Jacob Sorensen, Franklin Earl Sorensen and Ann Louzina Sorensen.