Mendon Martial Band

This photograph of the Mendon Martial Band was taken in the early 1880's. Frank Williams was the band leader, seen in his top hat.

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Mendon Martial BandMendon Martial Band

The Frank Williams, Martial Band was apparently the first band formed in Mendon. It was started in about the year 1882 and lasted some three or four years more. The band was not in existence quite long enough for everyone to learn to read their sheet music. However, it was a start in grand fashion and from this group came much of the musical talent that would entertain the community for many years to come.

Left to Right Back Row: Alfred Hughes with bass drum, William I. Sorensen, Robert Sweeten, Magnus Larsen, John Westover, Ole Sonne, Frank Leavitt. Front row: Irvin Gardner, Orson Williams, J. Thomas Gittins, Frank Williams — leader of the Martial Band, Philip Sorensen, Mowery Baker, Harry Williams (with drum).