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Mendon Jazz BandMendon Jazz Band

Decades prior to the “Utah Jazz,” there was Mendon, Utahs’ own, the “Mendon Jazz.” If you take the time to listen to the thirty second, quicktime audio clip, of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” posted below, I think that if you squint your eyes just a little, you will be able to see them play, in the photograph. That sweet, mellow beat, a bit of drum and horn, Hilda on the piano as usual, electric gutair taking lead. Yes you can drift back to the early 1950’s with the two of these. Trip the light fantastic, as they said in those days… How wonderful they were, how proud we are of them still, our Mendon, Jazz

Left to Right: Orlynn Whitney,"Bundz", Theo Whitney and Hilda Thorpe Whitney.