Mendon in 1959

You can see the 1864 Old Rock Church, the 1916 Yellow Brick Church and the 1935 Yellow Brick School on the city square, only the Mendon Station remains from this time. The old city building and jail and the 1899 Red Brick school can be seen across the street from the yellow brick church.

Mendon Utah Logo

Mendon Utah Fifty Years Ago

The top of the photograph is North and the right side is East. This photograph was taken about 1958-1959 and shows the Mendon that I grew up knowing. Many of the streets were gravel and they closed some streets in winter so we could sled down them. Lem Earl would make us a nice ice-ring for us to skate on, arcoss from his store, on the eastern part of the city square. The Sunday school Christmas party the Ward held and the Old Folks dinner rounded out the winter events I remember.

In the summer we hunted birds and played at the beet dump and the pea vinery out past Rondo on the Co-op Lane. Of course I was thin enough then to get into the old rock church and red brick school… so I got to play in them as well.

Rodney J. Sorensen