An Early History of Cache County…

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Compiled by M. R. Hovey, Secretary, Logan Chamber of Commerce. January 1, 1923 to January 1, 1925. Also as printed in the Logan Journal, beginning August 4, 1923.

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Early HIstory of St. John's Church and its School in Logan

Bishop Tuttle and the Reverend William Stoy came to Logan on the first train run by the Utah Northern Railroad Company to Cache Valley in February 1873, and stopped at the home of Aaron Dewitt. The purpose of their visit was to open up a missionary school under the auspices of the Episcopal Church and to establish a mission. A small adobe building located on the corner of Third and Washington Streets, known as the bakery, was rented. In September of that year a building known as Shreman Hall was rented and school furniture was installed to accommodate one-hundred pupils. The principal of the school was Mr. Charles G. Davis and the first teacher was Byron F. Wilcox.

The first baptism was administered December 4th, 1873. Assisting the young missionary were several young men who desired to finish their education and study theology. They were Frederick W. Crook, Henry McBride and Joseph A. Smith.

Two city lots, located on the corner of Second and Thomas Streets were purchased, cultivated and greatly improved in appearance. Upon these a church building was erected where the school and church services were conducted for a number of years. Later the building was converted into a dwelling. It is now occupied by Mr. Leo Nielson. Miss S. G. Brown and Miss Inez D. Earle succeeded to the principalship of the St. John’s school. Miss Earle came from the St. Mark’s school at Salt Lake City. Later Miss A. C. Cassidy became the principal with Mrs. A. C. Barrett as her assistant. It was a select school and took in only a limited number of students. Four departments, the primary, intermediate, grammar and higher grades were taught. Miss Cassidy was much devoted to the school and the St. John’s Church and she gave good service while here.

In 1873 the Reverend Mr. Stoy, Pastor, resigned and Reverend James L. Gillogy, P. M. Bleecker, F. W. Crook and T. L. Bellam followed. The corner stone of the new building, the present St. John’s Church, was laid in 1908 and the building was completed in 1910. The Rectors for the church in later years were Reverend Paul Jones, Donald K. Johnston and Edwin T. Lewis. Reverend Allen Jacobs is the present rector, (1923).

There is no question but the school and church established and conducted these many years by the Episcopal Church have been a power for the good in the community.