Peter Sorensen Home

The Peter Sorensen home was torn down and replaced with a new home. It was located at 35 South 100 West in Mendon, Utah.

The LDS Church removed a lot of the trim work from the building prior to being torn down, for use in the church history displays.

On the back of the structure was a log cabin that is said to have once been a part of the Mendon Fort. Richard Watkins took the cabin down and has the logs stored for use at a latter time.

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Peter Sorensen HomePeter Sorensen HomePeter Sorensen Home



Standing Left to Right: George N. Sorensen, Philip Sorensen, Rebecca Sorensen, Ann Sorensen, Caroline Sorensen and Maria Sorensen Richards. Sitting: Antemisia Richards, Unknown, Hester Marriah Bird Sorensen with baby Virgil Philip Sorensen. Photograph taken about 1899. Below is an artist rendering of the Peter Sorensen Home done in the 1970's. I remember Ann Sorensen as a young boy.