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Mendon Cemetery Index — Y

First Last G Birth Death Burial Birth Place Death Place Father Mother Relationship Lot
Cynthia Parker Cooper Yonk F 03/18/1895 08/26/1975 08/29/1975 Utah, Cache County, Mt. Sterling Utah, Cache County, Logan Joseph Guest Cooper Ruth Elizabeth Parker Garland William Yonk, Husband 113
DeLores Barker Yonk F 08/01/1929 02/01/2004 02/05/2004 Utah, Cache County, Smithfield Utah, Cache County, Petersboro Vermont Barker Rosella Nolan Keith Yonk, Husband 059
Garland William Yonk M 11/02/1895 01/11/1971 01/14/1971 Utah, Cache County, Petersboro Utah, Cache County, Logan Heinrick August Yonk Maria Elizabeth Cunningham Cynthia Parker Cooper, Wife 113
Henry August Yonk M 07/13/1870 06/30/1930 07/03/1930 Denmark, Hjørring, Bangsbo Utah, Cache County, Logan Johann Heinrich Yonk, (John) Elizabeth Christina Peters[en] Maria Elizabeth Cunningham, Wife 113
Jeff Keith Yonk M 12/03/1955 03/04/1979 03/07/1979 Utah, Cache County, Logan Utah, Box Elder County, Tremonton Nolan Keith Yonk DeLores Barker Robbyn Lynne Walker, Wife 059
Maria Elizabeth Cunningham Yonk F 05/08/1875 08/26/1903 08/00/1903 Utah, Cache County, Mendon Utah, Cache County, Petersboro William Cunningham Sarah Kidman Heinrick August Yonk, (Henry), Husband 113
Maurine Muir Yonk F 04/29/1931 09/16/1989 09/20/1989 Utah, Cache County, Mendon Utah, Cache County, Logan Melvin Thomas Muir Julia Matilda Ahrens Joseph Earl Yonk, Husband 113
Merlin Henry Yonk M 12/24/1915 10/28/1988 11/01/1988 Utah, Cache County, Wellsville Utah, Cache County, Logan Garland William Yonk Cynthia Parker Cooper Martha Blanche Tolman, Wife 113
Nolan Keith Yonk M 07/12/1928 11/16/2000 11/20/2000 Utah, Cache County, Logan Utah, Cache County, Petersboro Alfred Yonk Eliza Kidman DeLores Barker, Wife 059
William Frederick Yonk M 10/07/1889 11/02/1889 11/00/1889 Utah, Cache County, Mendon Utah, Cache County, Mendon William Frederick Yonk Rebecca Johnson Did not marry, Child 059
Alfred Robert Youngs M 12/29/1920 06/08/2008 06/22/2008 Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver Frank Youngs Eliza Jane Downs Doris Baldwin, Wife 243
Doris Baldwin Youngs F 09/25/1916 11/05/2003 11/17/2003 Canada, Manitoba, Miniota Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver George Baldwin Ethel Alfred Robert Youngs, Husband 243

June 23, 2010 was the last modification date to the Mendon Cemetery Index — Y.

Interment Information — Y

Interment data for the following individuals in the Mendon, Utah Cemetery, is provided here for historical research and or genealogical purposes: Cynthia Cooper Yonk, DeLores Baker Yonk, Garland Williams Yonk, Henry August Yonk, Jeff Keith Yonk, Maria Elizabeth Cunningham Yonk, Maurine Muir Yonk, Merlin Henry Yonk, Nolan Keith Yonk, William Frederick Yonk, Alfred Robert Youngs and Doris Baldwin Youngs.

Rodney J. Sorensen