Pioneers of 1847…

It would seem that I always need to view this listing, and so have prepared same and placed here for the use of all.

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Members of the First Brigham Young Company of 1847Ox-Team with wagon and driver

This pioneer vanguard of the Mormon migration which, began the treck West in 1847 consisted of the following 149 souls. Of this group there were 144 men, three women, the wives of Brigham Young (Clarissa Decker Young), Lorenzo D. Young, (Harriet Page Wheeler Young) and Heber C. Kimball (Ellen Saunders Kimball. Harriet Page Wheeler Young is the mother of the two small boys, Isaac P. Decker and Lorenzo S. Young.

Oxen are driven by walking along side the lead pair with a switch, making the "Yew" & "Yaw" calls for the oxen to move right or left. A lot of folks think that they were driven like a horse team, but that is just not so, as the photograph to the right shows. Almost everyone walked all the way to the Great Basin, that is the speed at which oxen ponder over the ground. Lots of folks got steped upon once or more, which is one of the few ways you got to ride in the wagon, and not walk.

Members of the 1847 Mormon Pioneer Vanguard Company
  Captains of Ten 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
1st Wilford Woodruff John S. Fowler Jacob D. Burnham Orson Pratt Joseph Egbert John M. Freeman Marcus B. Thorpe George A. Smith George Wardle          
2nd Ezera T. Benson Thomas B. Grover Barnabas L. Adams Roswell Stevens Amasa M. Lyman Starling Driggs Albert Carrington Thomas Bullock George Brown Willard Richards Jesse C. Little      
3rd Phinehas H. Young John Y. Green Thomas Tanner Brigham Young Addison Everett Truman O. Angell Lorenzo D. Young Bryant Stringham Joseph S. Scofield Albeert P. Rockwood (Captain of 100) Harriet Page Wheeler Young Clarissa Decker Young Isaac Perry Decker Lorenzo Sobieski Young
4th Luke S. Johnson John Holman Edmmund Ellsworth Sidney Alvarus Hanks George R. Grant Millen Atwood Samuel B. Fox Tunis Rappleyee Harry Pierce William Dykes Jacob Weiler      
5th Stephen H. Goddard Tarlton Lewis (Captain of 50) Henry G. Sherwood Zebedee Coltrin Sylvester Henry Earl John Dixon Samuel H. Marble George Scholes William Henrie William A. Empey        
6th Charles Shumway Andrew P. Shumway Thomas Woolsey Chauncey Loveland Erastus Snow James Craig William Wardsworth William Vance Simeon Howd Seeley Owen        
7th James Case Artemas Johnson William C. A.Smoot Franklin B. Dewey William Carter Frankllin G. Losee Burr Frost Horace Datus Ensign Franklin B. Stewart Monroe Frink Eric Glines Ozro Eastman    
8th Seth Taft Horace Thornton Stephen Kelsey John S. Eldredge Charles D. Barnum Alma M. Williams Rufus Allen Robert T. Thomas James W. Stewart Elijah Newman Levi N. Kendall Francis Boggs David Grant  
9th Howard Egan Heber C. Kimball William A. King Thomas Cloward Hosea Cushing Robert Byard George Billings Edson Whipple Philo Johnson William Clayton Ellen Saunders Kimball      
10th Appleton M. Harmon Carlos Murray Horace K. Whitney Orson K. Whitney Orrin P. Rockwell Nathaniel T. Brown R. Jackson Redding John Pack (Captain of 50) Francis Pomeroy Aaron Farr Nathaniel Fairbanks      
11th John S. Higbee John Wheeler Solomon Chamberlain Conrad Klineman Joseph Rooker Perry Fitzgerald John H. Tippets James Davenport Henson Walker Benjamin Rolfe        
12th Norton Jacobs Charles A. Harper George Woodard Stephen Markham (Captain of 100) Lewis Barney George Mills Andrew Gibbons Joseph Hancock John W. Norton          
13th John Brown Shadrach Roundy (Captain of 50) Levi Jackman Lyman Curtis Hans C. Hansen Matthew Ivory David Powers Hark Lay (Colored) Osscar Crosby (Colored)          
14th Joseph Matthews Gilbroid Summe John Gleason Charles Burke Alexander P. Chessley Rodney Badger Norman Taylor Green Flake (Colored) Ellis Eames