Queen Madall Hancock

1935's Queen of the May, Madall Hancock was crowned by her Consort, Rulen Ladle.

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Mendon May Day— 1935Madall Hancock and her 1935 May Day Court.

Madall Hancock— I was queen in 1935 and marched with my consort, Rulen Ladle. The attendants this year were: Della Bartlett with John Welch, Ruth Shelton with Ray Taylor, Hellen Heninger with Ralph Taylor, Geneva Barrett with Leland Bird, Ilene Kidman with William Richards, and Virginia Wood with John D. Baker. The whole gang came to our house [87 East 300 North, Mendon] to eat after the crowning. Paper dresses were worn again this year by the maypole dancers.

Mendon— Mendon is planning a big May Day celebration, to be held May 25th. Miss Madall Hancock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Hancock, has been chosen “Queen of May.” The maypole dance will be danced by twenty-four little girls, dressed in pretty paper dresses. A good program is planned for 10:00 a.m. following the crowning of the queen and the maypole dance. The May festival is under the direction of the Sunday school superintendency, Claud A. Sorensen, Alonzo K. Wood and Lynn Longstroth and chorister William I. Sorensen. The maypole dance is directed by Miss Mozelle Barrett, Miss Hazel Sorensen, Mrs. T. Kay Sorensen and Miss Stella Ladle. A rodeo, games of all kinds, and races will be the afternoon entertainment. A big dance at night will end the day’s festivities.Mendon May Day Dancers for 1935.

Saturday Is May Day At Mendon, Sunday School Plans For A Full Day Program— A maypole dance, a public program, athletic events and a grand ball will be features of a May Day celebration at Mendon Saturday. The event is sponsored by the Mendon ward Sunday school under the direction of Claud A. Sorensen, Alonzo K. Wood and Lynn Longstroth of the superintendency. Miss Madall Hancock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar S. Hancock has been chosen Queen of the May. Twenty-four little girls of the Primary department of the Sunday school will participate in the maypole dance. Special costumes have been made for the affair. Miss Mozelle Barrett, Miss Hazel Sorensen, Mrs. T. Kay Sorensen and Miss Stella Ladle are directing the children. The dance will follow the crowning of the May Queen at 10:00 a.m. A rodeo and children’s sports are planned for the afternoon. A grand ball will close the day’s festivities.Madall Hancock

Claud A. Sorensen— May Day was a big day for the community and everyone got out in their “bib and tuck.” It always drew a big crowd from other communities in the valley. The square looked a lot different then with just sage brush surrounding the Old Rock Church and later a little grass around the Tall Church, but nothing like we have it now. The celebration served as a means to raise money for the ward budget. They would sell tickets. It was a big social event and was a means of uniting the community and a time to visit and associate with one another. One of the special events that took place was the band concert in the afternoon by the South Cache High School Band, directed by Mr. Terry. The community appreciated them so much that everyone brought food to feed the band members after the concert. One year there was a real western rodeo. The men previously had gone up in the mountains to get poles to make the arena, chutes, etc. Riders came from all over the state and county to participate. I had a wild horse that no one was able to ride and it ended up getting loose and coming home. Mendon usually had a dance in the afternoon for the children and one for the adults in the evening. They would spend a week decorating the hall for the dance and the Mendon Jazz Orchestra completed the successful touch. I can remember when both boys and girls danced in the maypole, but I never had the opportunity to do so. It just depended on how many were needed to finish out the maypole. Mendon sometimes had a parade for May Day and always had homemade ice cream for everyone. One year it almost turned out to be a tragedy. By mistake, some poison, that looked like vanilla flavoring was mixed in the ice cream and everyone got sick. They even had to cancel the dance. Luckily there were no fatalities. We always enjoyed some good competitive softball and basketball games. As with now, the weather was sometimes uncooperative. I can remember times when it even snowed, but as with now, the celebration goes on and we hope it continues to go on year after year, rain, snow or sunshine. It is a beautiful tradition to be passed on from generation to generation and hopefully we can maintain the same beautiful spirit that has always been present over the years.