1925's Queen of the May, ____ _____ was crowned by her consort, ___ _____.

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Mendon May Day— 1925

Mendon Takes On New Appearance After Cleanup— Mendon, May 1st. Mendon, the beautiful, after clean up week, which ended April 30th. The job was well done, and we are proud of it. Mayor Joseph C. Sorensen and the city fathers are to be complemented upon the way they put this job over. They set a good example by cleaning up their own places and streets and the people followed their lead. The city was divided into four districts, for the purpose of competition. The following judges were appointed to inspect the work and name the winner of the grand prize: Ex-Mayors Thomas Muir, William Bartlett and Lars Magnus Andersen comprised this committee. District No. 2 were the successful contestants. Also No. 3 came in for special mention. A decision was not easy to make, the work was so well done in all the divisions. We did, “hang up the fiddle and the bow and take down the shovel and the hoe,” and just made this little town we live in look like some one lived here, with pep energy and pride, enough to polish and make Mendon beautiful, Bishop Henry C. Sorensen labored all day cleaning and trimming the ward house and grounds, and streets; he was not alone, with this work by any means. The Boy Scouts and ward Deacons stayed with him, until the work was completed, Our public square never looked better. We celebrated, Friday evening with a program and dance. Every body being the guests of the city. The Liberty Players of Mendon furnished the music. Mayor Joseph C. Sorensen and Henry G. Hughes were the speakers, a huge crowd was present and had a most enjoyable time. The ward May Day celebration will be held next Thursday May the 7th. The festivities will begin at 10:30 a.m. on the ward house grounds. The little girls will dance and braid the maypole. From a group of eighteen little beauties the May queen will be chosen, by casting lots. We invite all our visitors to be sure and see this the best part of our program. There will be a morning program, after lunch a children’s dance, then will follow the races for all ages and sizes. Bicycle races, tricycle races, auto races, horse races, are also on the program. A tug-of-war, the southerner’s will win, they are mostly democrats and heavy on the pull. There is to be a baseball game between the Legion and the “M” Men. They have to play the game before we can even guess at results, they are so evenly divided. If we have time for more sports than this we have plenty. A dance, our local musicians furnishing the music. This will conclude the days doings. Do not miss it. The Sunday school organization of the ward have the day in charge.

Picture Caption: Maypole Dancers For 1925— This year the dancers started wearing dresses made of crepe paper. The colors were pink and green. These type of dresses were worn for many years, using different colors each year. Alice Sorensen was the teacher. Left to right, front row: Susan Longstroth, Vira Hiibner, Jessie Ahrens, Leah Ann Wood, Hazel Muir, Gladys Buist, Cleo Richards, Mary Longstroth, and Faye Hancock; back row: Stella Ladle, Marjory Bird, Leona Baker, Helen Ahrens, Maxine Stauffer, Gayle Kidman, Orpha Buist, and Grace Ladle.