Queen LaVon Ahrens

1923's Queen of the May, LaVon Ahrens was crowned by her Concort.

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Mendon May Day— 1923

To Celebrate May Day In Mendon, May 22nd— Under the auspices of the Mendon ward Sunday school, May Day will be celebrated Thursday, May 24th. Extra efforts have been made by all the committees named to make this a real holiday for young and old. Queen of the May, LaVon Ahrens, and Martell Larsen will be the consort, will be the rulers for one day. Her majesty will be given the keys to flower-land, of which there will be a profusion. Her maids and their attendants will be seen in their best. We will be delighted to obey and honor them on this festal occasion. The activities will begin at 10:30 a.m. with the maypole dance. Crowning of the queen. A program of songs, choruses, instrumental music, comic and etc. will be rendered in the morning. A children’s dance will be given free in the afternoon. Other features will be “tug-of-war,” races for boys and girls, nail driving contests, obstacle races, ball game and many other exciting events. A picture show, a special for the day will begin at 7:30 p.m. The closing event, a dance in the amusement hall with the Liberty Players on the job will wind up the day of joy. We invite all our friends and neighbors to join with us in celebrating the advent of spring, the welcome return of warm days, blossoms and grass and flowers. What a joy there is in all this new life. The song birds are calling to us this glad day. Remember the day, be sure and witness the maypole dance.

Picture Caption: Maypole Dancers For, 1923— White dresses were always worn by the dancers, with fresh flowers or apple blossoms as a corsage. Left to right, front row: Gladys Buist, Olive Baker, Unis Baker, Ardella Lallis, Jessie Ahrens, Leah Ann Wood, Mary Longstroth, Susan Longstroth, Marjory Bird, and Stella Ladle; back row: Fern Lamont, Gayle Kidman, Leona Baker, Helen Ahrens, Mozelle Barrett, Grace Ladle, Luella Walker, Beth Kidman, Orpha Buist, unknown, Arlen Yonk, and Maxine Stauffer.

LaVon Ahrens— I was crowned the Queen of the Mendon May Day Celebration when I was about fourteen.