Queen Arzella Bird

1915's Queen of the May, Arzella Bird was crowned by her Concort.

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Mendon May Day— 1915

May Day At Mendon, Mendon, April 25th— Our May Day celebration will be held on Saturday, May 1st. We have placed an order with the weatherman for a fine day, which we hope to have. Miss Arzella Bird will be the queen of May. She, with her Prince Consort, maids and their attendants will be the honored guests of the day. The program for the days events has been completed and is as follows: Braiding of the maypole by twelve girls in costume; crowning of the queen; song by choir. Assemble in ward house. Song by the choir; reading, Lizzie Barrett; violin duet, Alonzo K. Wood, Clifford C. Watkins; musical selection, orchestra; reading, Laura Watkins; monologue, Linden K. Wood; speech, “Why We Celebrate May Day,” Jennie Richards; piano duet, Elease Barker, Ethel Sorensen; double mixed quartet, Clifford C. Watkins and company. Song by the choir. Benediction. Afternoon sports. Children’s dance 1:30 p.m. Races 2:30 p.m. 50 yard dash, free-for-all. 50 yard dash, boys age twelve to sixteen. 50 yard dash, girls age twelve to sixteen. 100 yard dash, free-for-all. 50 yard dash, relay 1st Int. boys. 50 yard dash, relay 1st Int. girls. 40 yard relay, Primary boys. 40 yard relay, Primary girls. 20 yard race, Kindergarten boys and girls. Three leg race, free-for-all. Stick horse race, best two out of three heats, free for all. Mixed relay 40 yards. Irish wagon race for men. Irish wagon race for women. One-half mile race, free-for-all. Tug-of-war, Parents’ class vs. Theological class. Prizes consisting of candy, oranges, etc., will be given to the winners in each of the above events. Baseball at four o’clock, grand ball in ward amusement hall. The Mendon full orchestra will furnish the music. A good time is assured everybody who will attend and take part in this celebration. Materials are being unloaded for the beginning of the construction of the interurban railroad. A grading camp will be located here. Picture Caption: Winding the maypole.