Queen Arzella Bird

1914's Queen of the May, Arzella Bird was crowned by her Concort.

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Mendon May Day— 1914

Mendon, April 24th— Weather conditions for planting have been most favorable for a few days, and both beets and grain crops are being sown as fast as possible. The officers and teachers of the ward Sunday school have arranged for another May Day celebration, which will take place Friday, May 1st, if weather conditions permit. Miss Nora Ahrens received the highest number of votes for “May Queen” while Mr. David Watkins was the choice of the committee for “Consort.” The queen’s maids are Misses Vessie Shelton, Alice Sorensen, Clella Ladle, Dorothy Bird and Loretta Walker. The day’s festivities will begin at 9:30 a.m., with the maypole dance, after which the queen will be crowned. She will then be the supreme ruler for one day. For the gathering in the ward house at ten o’clock, an excellent program has been arranged, which we are sure will delight everybody. The afternoon sports will consist of races, games, contests, etc., to conclude with a ball game between Mendon and Cache Junction. The grand ball will be given by the home orchestra in the hall. Everybody most cordially invited. The Mendon fans have joined the county league of baseball players, and a series of games will be played on the home diamond, so the many lovers of this sport will have many opportunities of seeing this game. The contractors have begin work on the new ward house, which they say will proceed rapidly from now on. Mr. James B. Hancock is placing material on the ground for a new residence on [15 West 100 North] Main Street. Mr. Hancock will have a beautiful modern home when completed. We had a clean up day in our city on the 15th, the first in the history of our city; and for the first attempt it was quite a success. Most of the streets were raked, and the rubbish hauled away. There were many loads taken off, which gives our streets a much better appearance. The school grounds were given a thorough cleansing, which reflects much credit on teachers and students.

Nora Ahrens— Nora was a proud girl and always wanted things done right and in an organized way. She liked to make schedules and organized plans for the family to follow. In her late teens she was a queen of the Mendon May Day celebration.