Queen Orpha Larsen

1911's Queen of the May, Orpha Larsen was crowned by her Concort Mr. Richards.

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Mendon May Day— 1911

May Day Celebrated At Mendon, Have Queen, Consort, Maids, Maypole And All Accessories, Mendon, May 8th— May Day celebration was a very pleasant affair. The weather might have been a little warmer, still we have no complaints, for it might have been a great deal worse. The queen, Miss Orpha Larsen was a picture of loveliness. His honor, the consort, Mr. Richards, made a happy little speech before placing the crown upon her head, which ceremony, according to custom, makes the young lady queen for one day. The maids and their attendants were like their queen just handsome and a prettier company would be hard to find. The maypole dance was splendid indeed. One might travel far before witnessing a more beautiful scene. Much credit is due Sister Jane Hughes, Ethel and Eulalia Sorensen for the time they spent in drilling the girls so well for this event. A more perfect picture of purity and loveliness could hardly be found than those sixteen girls, ranging in age from ten to fourteen, dressed in costume, with song and step in honor and reverence to her majesty, the queen. Following are the names: Alice Sorensen, Ione Baker, Clella Ladle, Mary Whitney, Laura Bassett, Ada Smith, Nora Ahrens, Echo Sorensen, Agnes Bassett, Julia Ahrens, Minnie Wheeler, Ruby Bird, Vessie Shelton, Geneva Baker, Loretta Walker, Annie Buist, Dorothy Bird and Connie Bird. The program rendered in the ward house was attentively listened to by a large gathering of all ages, including many visitors who likewise seemed pleased with the proceedings. The afternoon sports consisted of a children’s dance, races of various kinds, also a baseball game played by the Mendon and Hyrum teams. This game was most interesting a closely contested one, and the large crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. The score stood eleven to eight in favor of the home team. Lee Colby of Mendon was umpire. The visiting team expect to play a return game with the Mendon boys in their own town soon. Come again. The dance was a crowded affair given in the Richards Hall, but all seemed to enjoy themselves. So passed another of our happy “May Days” into history without one regret. Every child had a bushel of fun. A mature person could not see youth so happy without partaking of the spirit. The bond election held here May the 6th, received thirteen for the bond out of fifty-four votes cast. Our people are satisfied with the roads as they are, judging from the way they voted. It looks dark now for any improvement on our county road to Logan, which needs some repairs very badly. Keep out of debt is a mighty good policy, for farmers anyway. Thursday evening, May 11th, the public schools of this district give a closing entertainment which promises to be the best ever given in this city. An invitation is extended to all who wish to attend. The framers are happy over the good outlook for a beet crop as well as grain, and other stuff grown here.