1883's Queen of the May, _____ was crowned by _____.

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Mendon May Day— 1883

May Day, Celebration Of The Pleasant Festival In Mendon— Editor Journal: The first of May was celebrated here with great rejoicing especially by the children. On account of stormy weather the program was not carried out as intended, in having [the] queen crowned at the maypole, which was erected on the public square for that purpose. The ceremony was performed in the meetinghouse, which was handsomely decorated with pine boughs and the walls adorned with beautiful pictures by the committee who were chosen for that purpose. All those who took part in the programs did remarkably well in rendering the parts allotted to them, which consisted of songs, glees, recitations and short speeches appropriate to the occasion. In the afternoon the children (who are very numerous in the settlement) enjoyed themselves for two or three hours in dancing and games. In the evening the young ladies and gentlemen, also some of the middle aged showed what they could do in tripping the light fantastic. All passed off quietly and good order prevailed throughout the day and also at night. The weather has been somewhat blustery for several weeks past, which has set the farmers back somewhat in their labors. The furious wind storm which visited some portions of the valley and which resulted so disastrously in the destruction of property in some of the settlements did not reach us here, and though we feel to sympathize with our neighbors in their loss we feel thankful that we escaped it. Whooping coughs and other kinds of coughs are quite fashionable here at present, but we hope when the damp weather leaves us the coughs will also. Respectfully, Walter Paul, Mendon, May 2nd, 1883.