1878's Queen of the May, _____ was crowned by _____.

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Mendon May Day— 1878

When Mary [Agnes Baker] was seven, a traumatic experience occurred in connection with her younger sister, Lizzie’s, death. The first of May a was a festive occasion in Mendon. Her father took the four children to the celebration. The older children went off by themselves, but Mary kept Lizzie, then four, by the hand. As the meeting closed, people began to crowd out the door, and to keep Lizzie from being trampled on, Mary pushed her ahead of her and got out of the door. After the festivities were over and they had got home, Lizzie said her head and neck hurt. When asked when she first felt the pain she said it was when Mary pushed her ahead to get out of the Church. Lizzie had a high fever that night and her Aunt was asked in to help. Mary was in terror, thinking she was to blame for Lizzie’s illness. When she went into the room to ask how Lizzie was, her aunt took her by the hand, let her to the bed and said, “Look at your poor little sister. She is going to die and you are the cause of it all.” Mary rushed away and hid in the plum bushes. Late in the day the doctor arrived from Logan. It was found out that Lizzie had diphtheria and brain fever and that Mary was in no way responsible. Mary herself came down with diphtheria and almost lost her life.