1866's Queen of the May, _____ was crowned by _____.

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Mendon May Day— 1866

Mendon In Early Days— Not many years after the pioneers settled Mendon Ralph Forster and his associates in the Ward Sunday school hit upon the idea of celebrating May Day. This was around 1866 and Mendon has had a May Day Festival ever since. Professor Alma N. Sorensen said, “The settlers were so happy when spring came, as the winters were long and cold. When people lived in log cabins they had to express their feelings by getting out, as spring was most welcome.” Some of the maidens went to the foothills and picked wild flowers, then came and danced upon the green. They said “Why not celebrate the May Day with a maypole dance and crowning the queen.” Seny Sorensen Richards was that queen (in 1863).

Ralph Forster— When the Sunday school was organized in Mendon in 1863 he was the 2nd superintendent and he was the one that started the May Day celebration for the Sunday school and it has been carried on ever since.

Ralph Forster— He was the second Sunday school superintendent in Mendon and while in the Sunday school he started the May Day celebration and it has been held in Mendon ever since.

Sunday School Superintendents— The first Sunday School was held in Mendon in 1863 with James G. Willie as superintendent from 1863 to 1866, followed by Ralph Forester, 1866 to 1875, John Donaldson, 1875 to 1884, Isaac Sorensen 1884 to December 31, 1899. He [Isaac Sorensen] was also choir leader and Sunday School chorister for many years.