Mendon School

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Things That I Remember —

Things I remember of the old school days in Mendon. I attended school at the old school only a short time, one and one-half years. Our room had a pot bellied stove in it. It was hot enough to cook a couple of wood ticks plucked from the students near the stove and cold if you were a ways away from it. Veda Sorensen was my teacher 1933-1934. Lois Schiffman and her sister Della were “holy terrors.” On one occasion they chassed the little kids with a snake. Bessie Mae Muir rode in a swing as it went clear over the top and around the pole.

We would make dirt houses at recess. I got a piece of steal in my eye while sweeping our playhouse. I had to wear a bandage for several days. Enjoyed all the attention I received from all the children. We would roller skate around the church house. We were fascinated with the old jailhouse. Well such as the history of the old school days. I have enjoyed all who have contributed to the compiling. Gladys Hughes (Nelson); Annie Buist; Jemima Forster; Lottie Berrett (Baker Richards); Clella Ladle and others.

Carol Hughes Holland