Mendon School

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Schools Days In Mendon —

My earliest recollections of the school in Mendon are that we attended the school in the jailhouse; there were so many children that the rock schoolhouse would not hold us, so they took the small children over to the jailhouse just south of the rock building. I was a beginner; next my schooling took me to “the little room” in the red brick schoolhouse in 1899. My teacher was Stella Egbert. She was a splendid teacher.
After being promoted to the “middle room” in the rock part, Peter Larsen was my teacher as I advanced, leaving the rock house to attend school in the “big room” of the red brick house. A. G. White was my teacher and the principal of the school for a few years. I might add that I think he missed his calling, and should have been a bouncer in a nightclub or saloon.

My next teacher, and last one in Mendon was Jesse T. Reese, one of the finest and best teachers who ever graced the teaching profession.

My mother, Mary Baker Jensen taught school in Mendon when she was eighteen years old and in Hyrum at the age of nineteen. My sister Lillian Jensen taught school in Mendon under David Winn 1916-1917 with Marie B. Adelia Lemmon and David Winn 1917-1918 with Lillian Jensen and then under Preston Maughan 1918-1919 with Lillian Jensen and Jennie Richards.

My father Jens Jensen served as trustee of the Mendon School. My grandfather George Baker served two terms as a trustee also. Maggie Muir contributed the names of her teachers and the years they taught. Emma Baker Sorensen, 1901-02; Miss Cole; 1902-03; Rachel Parker Sorensen, 1903-04; Leroy Reese, 1904-05; Eva Williamson, 1905-06; Emer Richards, 1906-07; Herbert H. Thompson, 1907-09; Charles E. Embley, 1909-10. Principals: A. G. White; Jesse T. Reese; Herbert H. Thompson and Charles E. Embley.

— Agnes Jensen Sorensen