Life Shetch of Hazel Sorensen Buist

Written by Hazel Sorensen Buist.

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Hazel Sorensen Buist

I was born on July 14th, 1916 in Mendon, Cache County, Utah to Joseph Christian Sorensen and Alice Elizabeth Ladle Sorensen. My grandparents were early settlers of Mendon, and I have always been proud of this and of the town where I have lived my life thus far.

We moved into the home where Veda Sorensen now lives when I was two years old, and I lived there until I was married in 1942. I have three brothers, Owen, Edgar and Eldon. I have one sister Veda. We had a happy hard working family. Since my father was a framer we really learned how to work and each of us had our chores to do.

My father was anxious that we had a good education. He also believed that you should never cease to learn, and he was a very intelligent man. We loved our mother and I hope we were a joy to her.

I attended school in Mendon until after the eighth grade. We went to South Cache High for four years, and I attended Utah State University for two years, where I took a secretarial course. I then went into the work force. I worked for several years before I was married and about two years after I was married.

I married Earl A. Buist on January 28th, 1942 in Logan L.D.S. Temple, and we lived in the house now owned by my daughter Glenna and her husband Michael Markey (97 East 400 North, Mendon). We have four children, Glenna, David, Vaughan and Vern.

I did all of the things parents do. I worked in the P.T.A., in every possible position and did some 4-H teaching. I have taught in all of the auxiliaries of the church. I have taught eight year old, twelve year old and fourteen year old girls in the M.I.A. I also taught an M Men & Gleaner class that was of various ages. I taught the literature class in Relief Society for two years and was secretary for three years.

My husband passed away on December 26th, 1967. Glenna was married but the boys’ were still at home. They have missed their father, and so has their mother. We have always managed well and have not wanted for the necessities of life. I returned to the work force, and worked on building up my Social Security. I retired from working on January 1st, 1982. I now work part time, and am happy to be able to spend some time doing the things I really enjoy. I spent eleven years in the Cache County treasurer’s office and this was probably my most enjoyable working years. Curtis L. Miner was my boss for a few years, and then I was the Chief Deputy for Lucile Ferguson. I have always enjoyed people and so I have enjoyed most of my work experience.

I love the church, and try to do what the Lord expects of me. I enjoy life, and the health that I have. I enjoy my grandchildren of which I have five, Gina, Kenneth, Ryan and Stephen Markey, and Jody Buist. I want the best for them and hope that they will stay close to the church.

I love the Relief Society and cherish the friendships I have made through the years.