Life Sketch of Elizabeth Matilda Wennergren Barrett

Written by Charlotte Barrett Richards in 1919.

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Elizabeth Matilda Wennergren Barrett

Elizabeth Matilda Wennergren was born November 11th, 1854 in Sweden, Trallahatten. While a young girl, her father died, leaving her mother and three children. At the age of seven Elizabeth left her home in Sweden and immigrated to the United States with her mother and brothers.

While her mother was crossing the ocean, a son was born unto her, this being a great care for Elizabeth.

After four weeks sailing on the waters in a sailing vessel, they landed in New York in 1861. Leaving New York they traveled to Salt Lake City with ox teams, making a journey of three months travel. In 1863 they moved to Logan, Utah. Not having a home to go to, Brother Thatcher cared for them, having a spare two-room log house in which they lived. At this time it was necessary for Elizabeth to work out. At the age of eleven she kept house for a large family, doing the cooking, washing, and ironing.

She was a beautiful girl, everyone loved her wherever she went, being kind and cheerful and making it pleasant for all.

She continued to work at housekeeping until finally she was given a good job working in Blanchars’s Hotel, remaining there for several years.

While Elizabeth was working away from home, her mother married again, then she went home for a short time, but while remaining there, her stepfather would have her assist in the work of the family. She stayed home for a short time and then was asked to go to the home of Linney Farrell, caring for a sick woman, and taking charge of the home affairs. She remained there for a number of years and while there she had the pleasure of meeting her husband, who later had also hired out to work at the same place.

Elizabeth was married to William Barrett on October 18th, 1874. They made their home in Logan, their house being across from the B. Y. College. While there, a son was born to them on November 15th, 1875, William Charles, they also had a daughter Evalene, born October 18th, 1877.The Old Charles Shumway Home

When Evalene was five weeks old Elizabeth, husband, and two children moved to Mendon, buying the old Shumway home.

Living in Mendon one year, little William was taken sick and died, causing a great sorrow to come to the mother and father.

As years went by a family was born to Elizabeth. Laura, being the first born in Mendon, then Emil, Laroy, Oscar, Charlotte, Clarence, Selma, Algie and Howard.

Elizabeth was an energetic woman, working hard for her family, and assisting those who needed help in time of sickness. Many weeks out of every year for many years, she worked in the temple, donating her work and redeeming many hundreds of the dead that have passed away.

Elizabeth was a relief Society teacher for many years and up until her death, being very faithful in her labors. Her life was a very useful one, and her example was uplifting to all who knew her.

In 1906, Elizabeth, with her husband worked hard in building a beautiful new home. (Her son Oscar being on a mission in Sweden, her own birth place, at the same time.) Not many years after the house was completed, and everything coming along in their favor, getting things around them so tat they would not need to work so hard, Elizabeth took sick with pneumonia and passed away October 15th, 1909 leaving husband and seven children who missed her greatly, being only a young woman when se died.