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For the most part short histories, or life shetches of those named in the posted listing. Each one in its own way, adds to the knowledge and history of Mendon, Utah and our understanding of the interworkings of the town.

I am ever on the watch for new and or additional histories to add to the listing… if you can help that would be wonderful.

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Mendon, Utah Personal Histories

Cache Valley Personal Histories

From the Journal of Cache Military District 8, 1865, we see that men of Mendon made up the 3rd Platoon of Company E, of the 3rd Battalion. A listing of the members of this platoon and their position in it is as follows:Cache Valley Minutemen Brigade Officers

Each troop was to be comprised of ten privates, a teamster to support them and their horses with provisions, a sergent and a second lieutenant in charge of the platoon.