Isaac Sorensen Family Photograph

The Isaac Sorensen family posed for a series of photographs on this day it would seem. I believe that singles were taken of several of the family members after the group picture and that a good portion of the photographic history we have of this family, was taken on this day. I have worked on a date for the picture and have placed it at about 1904 perhaps 1905. Joseph C. Sorensen would go on his mission in 1907, and Olive Sorensen will be Mendon's Queen of May in 1906. William I. is married and several of the older girls are as well. To get the family all in one place at one time, must have been quite a undertaking.

If by chance you are looking for additional Sorensen family information, try this link to the Sorensen Family History Organization.

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Isaac Sorensen FamilyIsaac Sorensen Family


Left to Right Back Row: Joseph C. Sorensen, Bertha Sorensen, William I. Sorensen, Malena Sorensen and Alma N. Sorensen. Center Row: Henry C. Sorensen, Eulalia Sorensen and Ina Sorensen. Front Row: Mary Eva Sorensen, Mary Jacobsen Sorensen, Olive Sorensen, Isaac Sorensen and Hanna Sorensen.