Old Rock Meetinghouse

Written by Eulalia Sorensen Welch.

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Old Rock MeetinghouseOld Rock Church of the Mendon Ward.

The old rock meeting house, standing firm and strong, was built in 1864 to replace the old log meeting house, which served the people in what was called the old fort, now Mendon Ward. At its completion it was considered the finest church house in Cache Valley. It is located just north of and outside of what was the old fort.

All work was done by hand, by the men of the ward. Rocks and lumber were obtained from the surrounding mountains and drawn by horses and oxen into town. The masonry and carpenter work was done by local men, the more expert teaching others. All work was donated. Although the old rock chapel is nearing one hundred years old, the rock wall is unusually firm. Our forefathers surely built for endurance.

In 1868, after its completion, men built a six-foot high stonewall around the building and enclosed about one acre of land. Portholes were built at the northeast and southeast corners to protect them from the savage Indians. Peter Larsen, son of Magnas Larsen, said the wall was never completed. The wall is not standing. A few years later a rock addition was added on the west side. An older lady of our town, Hannah Buist, recalls that when she was about ten years old she watched the men working on it in 1866.

This old rock building was still in use for picture shows and home dramatics in the year 1933. When first built it was used for religious services and on weekdays for district schools and amusements.

It now stands as a memorial and reminder of what used to be.

Eulalia Sorensen Welch