Mayors of Mendon

This table is my listing of the mayors of Mendon, Utah, and is a work in progress. Over the past few years the mayors have served two terms, or eight years. Interest in politics in Mendon, is at an all time low, as far as interest in it is concerned.

I served a term as a city councilman a couple of years ago. It was very interesting to, “follow the money.” It is a far harder job than I had ever thought. The sitting in the chair up front is the easy part; there is much work that needs to be done to earn the right to sit there.

The pay for city councilmen or councilwomen at present is ten dollars per month, paid twice a year. The mayor makes three hundred dollars a month, but I am sure he earns three times that amount. As I remember or find the correct dates — I will try to finish up this table.

Prior to Mendon becoming a city in 1870, these men were in charge of civil affairs, what few things the church via the local bishop did not take care of. Charles Bird, Sr., Thomas Bradford Graham, Albert M. Baker, Sr. and Jasper Lemmon.

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Mendon Mayor Listing

From Name Until
00/00/1870 George Washington Baker, Sr. 09/15/1872
9/15/1872 Charles Bird, Sr. 09/10/1876
9/10/1876 Henry Hughes 00/00/1882
00/00/1882 John Donaldson 00/00/1883
00/00/1883 James Grey Willie 00/00/1884
00/00/1884 Robert Sweeten 00/00/1889
00/00/1889 Peter Andrew Sorensen 00/00/1892
00/00/1892 Jens Jensen 00/00/1893
00/00/1893 Peter Andrew Sorensen 00/00/1895
00/00/1895 Henry Hughes 00/00/1899
00/00/1899 Robert Forester 00/00/19005
00/00/19005 William I. Sorensen 00/00/1907
00/00/1907 James F. Whitney 00/00/1907
00/00/1907 William I. Sorensen 00/00/1909
00/00/1909 William Bartlett 00/00/1913
00/00/1913 Peter Larsen, Jr. 00/00/1915
00/00/1915 William Bartlett 00/00/1917
00/00/1917 Thomas J. Muir 00/00/1919
00/00/1919 William Bartlett 00/00/1921
00/00/1921 Mangus Anderson 00/00/1923
00/00/1923 Joseph C. Sorensen 00/00/1929
00/00/1929 Jens Jensen 00/00/1929
00/00/1929 Peter Larsen, Jr. 00/00/1933
00/00/1933 Nephi C. Sorensen 00/00/1939
00/00/1939 Vance D. Walker 00/00/1950
00/00/1950 Joseph A. Larsen 00/00/1954
00/00/1954 Wayne Hiibner 00/00/1962
00/00/1962 Harry Bartlett 00/00/1966
00/00/1966 Rulon C. Ladle 00/00/1974
00/00/1974 Donald P. Leishman 00/00/1978
00/00/1978 Max Baker 00/00/1982
00/00/1982 Ross Shelton 00/00/1990
00/00/1990 Earl Doolittle 00/00/1998
00/00/1998 Sydney K. Larsen 00/00/2006
00/00/2006 Michael Morgan 00/00/2010
00/00/2010 Edwin D. Buist Present


Rodney J. Sorensen