1966 Red Brick Church

Replacing the yellow brick church, built in 1916, Mendon's new modern church was very welcomed in the ward. There was a building of the same type and style, in Snowville Utah, and most everyone from Mendon drove out to see what our new church was going to look like.

It was great sport as a kid to watch the wall go up and the beams set with a crane, a rare sight in those days.

This church as built, was first added on with a pair of rooms on the south end and later two additions to the north side. A new rear entrance has also been added a few years ago. The basic design of the building has made it easy to enlarge and build on to serve the growing needs of the Mendon Wards.

During a building renovation, the spire was taken down as can be seen in the photograph, and one was added to the roof.

I think it looked better as built… but its all just part of the history of the building.

Mendon Utah Logo

Mendon Ward, Building Dedicatory ServicesDedication of the Mendon Ward building, program cover

Mendon Ward Dedicatory Servicies Program, May 22, 1966

Dedication of the Mendon Ward building, program inside