New Mendon School Is Dedicated

State Superintendent of Instruction Gives Address— Mendon's new four-room school building, one of four units in a $106,000 Cache county schood district building program, was dedicated Friay night. The dedicatory prayer was offered by Bishop Henry C. Sorensen.

Albert McCann of Smithfield president of the Cache board of education, presided at the meeting and offered the presentation address in the absence os W. J. Loosle of Newton, West Cache board member, who was unable to attend. Mayor Nephi Sorensen of Mendon accepted the building on behalf of the community.

C. H. Skidmore, state superintendent of public instruction, recounted his ealrry experiences in Cache county. Others who offered remarks on the occasion included R. A. Hart and Edmund Feldman of the state PWA board; C. F. Olsen and H. Ray Pond of the county school board; A. N. Sorensen, member of the USAC faculty and ex-board member; Wesley Schaub, who appeared in behalf of his father, Bishop K. C Schaub architect on the school building program; Superintendent J. W. Kirkbride and Lloyd M. Theurer, clerk of the Cache school board.

Musical numbers on the program included a flute solo by Mr. Whitney of Mendon, a selecion by the Mendon dance orchestra, and two violin solos by N. W. Christansen, accompanied by Mrs. Christiansen. Following the exercises a large crowd attended a special dance in honor of the occasion. ~ 1934

The 1935 Yellow Brick School is no longer standing. It was located on the southeast corner of the town square, at about 25 North Center Street in Mendon, Utah.

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1935 Yellow Brick School1935 Yellow Brick School

A view of the newly completed Mendon yellow brick school house, looking from the south-east corner of the town square. Featuring a new central heating system, using coal as fuel, this modern marvel also had a gym with a large stage on the south end of the west side and a nice lunch room in the basement. The Mendon School was torn down on Monday, October 7, 1991. The vote to do so was by a majority of approximately 8 persons, or depending on who you ask, less than eight votes. In the summer of 1994 the hole left by the school was filled in with large gravel and rocks. No work on the purposed replacement for the school (new city building) has yet begun some 18 years later. In the spring of 1998 some dirt was being hauled in to cover the rock fill and a small basketball court and batting cage now sit on or near this spot. What a loss to the community this building was. And for all of the promises — we have nothing to show for it. Except for the mayor, the other members of this city council have all left town now. If you let people run your government, that are not from your town, this is what you get.

I have included a copy of the minutes of the City Council meetings that addressed this issue. There are others in the book as well if you care to read up on this a little more. I wonder if anyone can find the money that was raised for this supposed new city building? Thank goodness the old U.I.C. station was taken on by Paul Willie and restored, before the wrecking ball gets the last of our historical Mendon buildings.

Mendon City Council Meeting Minutes1935 yellow brick school, about 1949

1- Dennis Obray moved to accept the results of the election, which is the demolition of the city building and the construction of a new city building. Ross Bartlett seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

2- Steve Hatch moved to award the bid of demolition to Cove Sand and Gravel and allow them to proceed. Dennis Obray seconded. Motion carried. Steve Hatch reported the demolition will begin on September 30th, 1991.

3- John Carter brought up, what he felt, was a non-negotiable stand by the city. The council repeated that the people had spoken and that a decision had been made and that at earlier public meetings ample opportunities were given for the side to save the building to take over the building and restore it themselves. But from the meetings no one wanted to take over the building without the financial backing of the city. Mr. Carter had not attended the public meetings and was speaking without understanding the facts.

Valerie Larsen also complained about the election results.

Irma Moon asked why the building had to be torn down. Nola Murray explained why the city felt they couldn't afford the current city building.

4- The disposition of items in the building was discussed by the council. Steve Hatch moved to declare all unwanted materials within the city building, plus the city tractor, lawn mower, chairs, benches, etc. as surplus property. Ross Bartlett seconded. Motion carried. A city surplus property sale will be held Saturday at the city building.1

Mendon City Council Meeting Minutes

3- Kurt Allen, from Cove Sand and Gravel gave a brief report on the demolition of the city building. Kurt reported that during demolition he found the building to be structurally unsound. Kurt felt it was a wise decision by the council to have the building demolished. To show his appreciation and support for the city, Kurt presented a check to the Mayor from Cove Sand and Gravel for $500.00 to be used toward the building of our new community center. Mayor Earl Doolittle accepted the check with the city’s thanks.2

Mendon Yellow Brick School 1968

Mendon Yellow Brick School

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1.Mendon City Council Meeting, September 23, 1991, Line Items 1-4

2- Mendon City Council Meeting, October 21, 1991, Line Item 3